Gopher Money – The Specialist Financial Solutions Master Broker

Gopher Money specialise in providing a wide range of financial, lending and non lending solutions for our customers. These include:

Homeowner Loans
Debt Management Plans
IVA Advice
Mortgage Advice
Life Insurance
Income Protection Insurance
Pension Checking
Free Financial Health Checks
Gopher Money has a nationwide network of partners which include IFAs, Loan Brokerages and Finance Houses. This allows us to provide an independent best advice solution tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Gopher Money excel in finding the right financial solution for you. Being able to tailor a range of financial products to suit an individual’s needs enables Gopher Money and partners to help thousands of clients each month.

Homeowner Loans
Whether you’re looking to consolidate your existing debt, extend your home or fund a dream holiday, Gopher Money helps find you the right solution. With access to the UK’s main lenders, Gopher Money invest time in clients’ applications to ensure that you find the ideal loan.

We recognise that different individuals have different priorities. Whether it’s a flexible repayment facility, fixed rates or simply the cheapest monthly cost, Gopher Money will find the best lender.

Debt Management
We understand that your finances can be the biggest cause of stress in your life. With years of experience across the management team, Gopher Money help you take control of your finances and become debt free. Our simple process has been developed to provide a seamless process from start to finish.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements
A once manageable level of credit, be it credit cards, loans or overdrafts, can very quickly become unsustainable and expensive. With an IVA up to 70% of existing debt can be written off, interest and charges are frozen and you are debt free within 5 years. The matrimonial home is safeguarded and the stigma of bankruptcy is avoided.

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